Exhaust & Deep Cycle


Hello Adam, I’ve been hearing a fair bit lately about others who have installed a three-inch exhaust. Please comment on the pros and cons of installing on a 100 Series LandCruiser – is it worth the outlay, and are there any particular things to look out for? Thanks, Bevis, NSW
Hi Bevis, A larger exhaust system gives less restriction and allows the turbo to spool up quicker which results in better power from take-off. Due to there being less restrictions, the power curve produced gives more usable power down low when 4WDing. It won’t really result in better top end power but down low (where it is needed) it makes a difference. People also report better fuel economy in some cases.

The other thing that an upgraded exhaust does is to reduce the exhaust gas temperatures. As the exhaust is freer, the old gasses can get out of the system quicker which reduces the EGTs. Back pressure is also important as it helps to scavenge the unburnt gasses from the engine. This is why a straight through system doesn’t work. When purchasing an exhaust system I would recommend sourcing a well known brand because the fitment of different brands can vary and brackets don’t always fit nicely. I’m involved with TaipanXP and I know they build-in some restrictions in order to keep back pressure. With every single exhaust upgrade we’ve done, the customer has been very happy with the result. I hope that helps.

Hi Adam, I have a friend who fitted a three-inch exhaust to his Hilux. He says his compression braking is not the same since he fitted it. It seems to run quicker down hills in low range now. Is it possible that the exhaust replacement could have caused it? Thanks, Tim Moore, WA

Hi Tim, That is actually a very interesting question because when it comes to choosing an exhaust system these are some of the
things that need to be considered. Yes, it is possible that the exhaust fitment has affected his engine braking. Again, it all comes down to back pressure. Now that the exhaust is freer flowing there is less back pressure in the system and the back pressure is something that helps with the engine compression braking. Choosing an exhaust system can be tricky because not only are you seeking a power or torque increase, you’re also trying to maintain the original handling characteristics as well. Hope that helps. GO NUTS! Ada



Hi Adam, I’m looking to buy a deep cycle battery for my older model Ark Power Pack, it’s the old blue and black one. Do you have any suggestions for this unit? Thank you Annabelle, Vic

Hi Annabelle, That Ark battery box model is great for portable power. They only have a low charge rate though, so there will be no advantage to getting a battery that can handle a faster charge. I would get the best battery you can afford considering that it’s something that can get thrown around a bit, so a stronger built unit like maybe an AGM battery will be a better solution. Then just get the biggest battery you can fit with the best amp rating (there would be no real advantage to go for an Optima). Also, maybe consider a fully-sealed battery so you don’t get fumes in the car. I have worked with Ark in the past with the Ark Power Packs and have usually chosen to work with the Exide Stowaway range of batteries. All of the older model ArkPaks have now been replaced with new models which offer exceptional features and upgrades.